The news is full of the changing habits of American shoppers, this season.  For the first time, shoppers spent more online than they did by waking up at midnight and standing in long lines to grab so called Black Friday deals.  And the total spent on Cyber Monday had a nice historic ring to it when the day was done as well.  The folks at H&R Block should hear some interesting stories at tax time next year.  Those who prepared for hordes were surprised when they failed to show up, but if retailers learned anything from this shopping season, it’s that people are willing to take their chances with online retailers to deliver the best deals.

Music lovers have it easier if they want to purchase a new item, they can download the music in many cases.  But for those who still prefer to listen to their old vinyl LP’s, turntables are making a comeback, and are a great gift idea again this year.  That might mean making a trip to a local retailer if you aren’t ready to make an online purchase and have your package sitting at your door.  but it’s better than the Black Friday method.

There’s no way to account for lost sleep, the hassle of irate customers, or store clerks who are clueless when you are in a hurry to get your goods and get going.  People would rather use their time working out, at home with their family, or in class learning something new to advance their careers.  Anything is better than waiting in a crowd.  Especially when no one knows when the next rogue truck will try to mow you down.  There is a piece that needs working through, and that is the number of packages left in the open.  There are several solutions that are working their way into common use, and time will tell if a package sitting service will work, or if asking the delivery service to hold them until they are picked up is the safest way.  But that puts you back in line doesn’t it.

Meanwhile, shoppers found lots of great deals by using Groupon coupon codes.  And that’s a good thing, because there will be lots of changes coming if the new tax plan is voted into law.  For the meantime, hang on to your records because tax time is near.  It might not be right around the corner, but it was an Uber driver, it would be about ten miles away.